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How To Dress Like Alexa Chung


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Alexa Chung – the British beauty, TV-presenter, rock star girlfriend, model and IT-girl. When it comes to fashion, the 26 year old Brit’s style has gotten rave reviews from all sides. Her tomboyish, yet feminine and chic outfits never seem to disappoint, making Alexa one of the latest trendsetters to come out of Britain.

How to get Alexa’s style?

Alexa’s style has an effortless vibe to it and she accomplishes that by mixing the items that you would normally not pair together, whether it’s colours, materials, sizes or patterns. It seems as if she just ‘throws’ something on, and even though it’s probably not the case, it’s pretty easy to emulate:
  • Cardigans are one of the key elements
  • Use odd shapes – Let your cardigan be shorter than your top and the other way around
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight (except jeans)

Show off legs

Alexa is very tall and skinny and she uses her sometimes awkward figure to her advantage. She loves to show off her skinny long legs and does that by wearing a lot of short skirts, dresses, and shorts. She also wears leggings and skinny jeans. But even though Alexa is showing off her legs she still looks very angelic and not at all provocative. And how does she manage that? She always makes sure to cover the rest of her body.
  • Make sure your skirt/dress is not too tight
  • Only show legs, when you’re showing off legs
  • Use colours like nude pink, beige
  • Use black tights with denim-shorts and mini-skirts for a day/winter look
  • Wear socks in your high heels

Oversized items

Alexa is often seen wearing oversized items. Thy make her look edgier and give her otherwise very feminine style a different feel; the feel of effortless. What oversized items are you to choose?
  • Cardigans – I’m not thinking about long cardigans here, but slouchy cardigans
  • Jewelry – Wear long necklaces, and even several different at a time
  • Mix skull-head jewels, animal rings etc. with very feminine designs

What about her beauty-style?

Alexa is a very natural girl – she does use make-up, but manages to maintain a natural look at all times. If you want to get Alexa’s natural and fresh look, you need to:
  • Avoid too much foundation – use a mineral foundation as it looks more natural than fluid foundation
  • Use a little blush on your cheeks to get the freshness
  • Focus on your eyelashes – use a good mascara that elongates them
  • Smudgy eyeshadow, but don’t overdo and make sure to use golden, black and brown tones
  • Wear eye-liner to shape your eyes. Wear it with no eyeshadow to have a less dramatic look. Drag it out a little for the Alexa-cat-eye effect


When it comes to Alexa’s hair, it is too very simple and natural, just like Jennifer Aniston’s hair. She is a huge fan of bangs and they look great on her, however bangs are not for everyone, including yours truly. Her hair always looks clean and shiny, but messy, which again gives her the effortless vibe. Here are some suggestions to have fresh-looking hair:
  • Before blow drying and/or ironing use a heat-protection product – helps the hair a lot!
  • If you can avoid it, don’t put your hair up too often. It damages the hair.
  • Something you’ve heard before: don’t wash it too often. Two times a week should be enough. Hair gets used to not being washed all the time after a couple of weeks of training, so if you can endure your hair feeling a bit unclean for a little while, it would be a great thing to do.
  • Use a dry shampoo, in stead of washing the hair too often.
  • Don’t use hair spray – make sure you can run your fingers through your hair and mess it up.


With Alexa, it’s all about detailing and thinking out of the box. She manages to have this style by mixing feminine items like small purses and bags with edgy shoes, socks and biker leather jackets. She wears a lot of girly colours and odd shapes, as well as the fact that she is great at layering. She never looks bulky because she layers the right way.
So what do you think about her style? Would you dress like her? Is she inspiring?

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