Sabtu, 16 April 2011


Ahhh! Today was totally fun! :D me and my family went to Kampung Djowo Sekatul this weekend. Yay! Back to nature. Love the fresh air, the amazing view, and love that time so much! Its hard to had amazing time together with my family. But today we got it, guys!! :D

 me with mom and dad at Sekatul :)
me, mom, and dad :)

 weekend at Kampung Djowo Sekatul. Back to nature!! :D
nah, ini nih Kampung Djowo Sekatul. Alami banget, kaaan??

 Uwaaa... nemu belalang sembah!! Kereeen :D
haha, nemu belalang sembah! kereeeen! :D

 with my beloved cousin @kcatursiwi doing photo session. LOL :D
with my cousin, Mb. Nia :)
having photo shoot

Linda ;)

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