Kamis, 14 April 2011


Hey, gals :) now it's time for fashion!!!
In this post im going to make camparison of these fashionistas. I'm pretty sure that you guys are still remember with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Yap! We all love them both, they have such a good sense of fashion. actually for MK Olsen, yes she has her own style that soooo gorgeous and glamorous.

The Olsens with their edgy look

Daily MK and Ash

We all knows that these phenomenal twins must get ready to get rival from Britain. It's The Geldof Sisters... ^^
Peaches Geldof and her sister Pixie Geldof are model and fashionista from London. Maybe it's time for them to show off. Because I think they also have a dgood taste in fashion too

The Geldof Sisters in their glory

Pixie and Peaches at special dinner hosted by Vouge at the Satchii Galery in Chelsea

Daily Peaches 

Daily Pixie

So, what do you gals think about them? They all cool and have their own style. I love them both. But I prefer the Geldof Sisters than The Olsens. They are the new face of the fashion icon. HBU?? ;)
*I love british style!


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